Hi and welcome - glad you stopped in. I'm Patti Bolles, the resident bead artist, a full time glass enthusiast, bead maker and jewelry designer.
New images and designs coming soon...
Lots going on in my little world!!!  We have undertaken the task of building a new home.  We have demolished the old and have prepared the new site...just waiting for the contractors to get busy now.  I have had to to take my studio apart and store it because the rental we are in doesn't have the space for it.   So...I currently am not making any glassbeads.   I will in the near future have a brand new studio to create in...I am very excited for this new step in my life and will hopefully get my webby updated and in production mode very soon!!! Thanks for your patience....Patti
I love these they remind me of peacock feathers...and I've also uploaded some new bracelets...you can check them out from the all items page or on the jewelry/bracelets page...also some new beadies...Hope everyone is ready for the week-end...Look what peeked out in my yard today...Harbingers of Spring...it really is on the way!!!
Blues Revue Boro
Just a couple shots of some of my other beads..... 
Winter Tidepools!!!         Valentine!
isn't she cute...little spots and all!!!
                                      Viking Knit Bracelet
Here's some quick pics of my new Viking Knit bracelet I made for myself...using  a couple of my Faux Boro beads...I just love it...this is my very 1st viking knit...from a class I took...but not my last...they are so much fun to create...and wear!

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