Hi and welcome - glad you stopped in. I'm Patti Bolles, the resident bead artist, a full time glass enthusiast, bead maker and jewelry designer.
New images and designs coming soon...
Here it is end of summer 2013 and I have decided to update the website!!! Its been a while...but I've been making beads all along and hope to get some pics up soon!!!  
I love these they remind me of peacock feathers...and I've also uploaded some new bracelets...you can check them out from the all items page or on the jewelry/bracelets page...also some new beadies...Hope everyone is ready for the week-end...Look what peeked out in my yard today...Harbingers of Spring...it really is on the way!!!
Blues Revue Boro
Just a couple shots of some of my other beads..... 
Winter Tidepools!!!         Valentine!
isn't she cute...little spots and all!!!
                                      Viking Knit Bracelet
Here's some quick pics of my new Viking Knit bracelet I made for myself...using  a couple of my Faux Boro beads...I just love it...this is my very 1st viking knit...from a class I took...but not my last...they are so much fun to create...and wear!

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